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FOI 5379

Parish Burials


My request is for information regarding persons who have died with no known next of kin since 01/08/2012 to the date of your reply.
Please also include any 'pending' cases that have been/may shortly be referred to any public authority or Treasury Solicitor (or Duchy of Lancaster/Duchy of Cornwall within their jurisdictions) and any cases where the deceased died before 01/08/2012 but have only recently come to light, for whatever reason.

Would you please include:
1. full names
2. dates of birth / ages at death
3. marital status
4. maiden surnames of married females
5. dates of death
6. last known addresses
7. estimated value of estates
8. date(s) when the information was passed (or information that is pending or about to be passed) to the Treasury Solicitor (or Duchy of Lancaster or Cornwall or QLTR in Scotland)

9. name of any other public authority details have been referred to.


Thank you for your freedom of information request pertaining to deaths that the council has sent or will be sending to the Treasury Solicitor, this has been passed to me for a reply as the responsible Officer for this service area.

I can confirm that Brentwood Borough Council has had no involvement in any burials that required referral to the Treasury Solicitor, Duchy of Lancaster or Cornwall or for Scotland the QLTR department since 1st August 2012.