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FOI 5322

Salaries Paid to Non Uk Bank Accounts


1. Do any council employees have their salary paid into a non- UK bank account? (i.e. where the Sort Code is non-UK)
2. If the answer to the above is 'yes', how many employees does this apply to currently?
3. Please provide a breakdown of the above showing:
(a) A list of all non-UK countries where bank accounts are registered (i.e. with non-UK sort codes) to receive salary payments for employees.
(b) For each non-UK country, please give the total number employees who have bank accounts registered there which receives their salary payments. 
(c) A list of the job titles (and/or salary brackets) of the above people
(d) The highest and the lowest salary of the above people


Further to you FOI I write to confirm that there are no council employees who have their salary paid into a non-UK bank account.