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FOI 5204

Merchant account statement


I would like to request the following information:

· A copy of your latest merchant account statement. If this is not possible, then a spreadsheet covering the card transactions processed in a recent month with the following information per card type: Number of transactions, Value of transactions, Rate per transaction, Other charges (Voice authorisations, terminal charges, charge-backs, DCC revenue, payment gateway charges, PCI DSS fees etc.)

· A statement detailing the surcharge (if any) that you apply to transactions made by credit card and/or by debit card.

· The total Merchant Service Charges paid in the last financial year.

· The name and contact details (email, tel.) for the person responsible for managing your Merchant service account.

· A copy of the tender document through which your current Merchant provider offered their services.

· The expiry date for your current Merchant contract.

I am requesting this as part of the Merchant Account Rate Transparency Audit. This work seeks to identify areas where businesses and public bodies are being overcharged for their merchant account facilities, and has the support of the Minister of State (support letter available on request).

By sending us the requested information, you will help us to lobby the industry for a level playing field in this area.

If you are already benefiting from the best possible rates, then your data will help us to help other councils to ensure that they get similar value for public money. If, on the other hand, you could benefit from reduced rates, then we will report back to you with an estimate of what those savings might be and with all the contact details needed to access those savings.

If you prefer to provide the information requested without receiving the resulting report, please could you indicate this on the paperwork you provide.


• Please find attached HSBC Merchant Services invoices for our three merchant service accounts for November 2012
• We do not apply a surcharge to transactions made by debit or credit card
• Please find attached details of HSBC merchant service charges paid in 2011/2012
• Name & contact details for person responsible for managing our merchant service accounts is Emma Cable (
• This document is not available
• There is a 30 day termination notice period in place on our merchant accounts