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Hazardous Substances Register


Every council acts as a Hazardous Substances Authority (HSA) to handle applications by businesses that have the requirement to store hazardous substances. These are typically materials used in a production process or for energy generation.

If the tonnage of the hazardous substance is equal to or above prescribed limits set by the Health & Safety Executive, a Hazardous Substances Consent must be obtained from your council.

The council, acting as the HSA, issues the consent to the applicant once it has been approved by the Health & Safety Executive.

Please can you provide the following details for each hazardous substances consent your council has issued:

1. Planning reference
2. Applicant
3. Address to which the consent relates
4. Details of each hazardous substance included in the consent

I understand that many councils hold a register of their consents.

If your council has issued no consents please make that clear in your response.

Whilst the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) are consulted on each consent they do not hold the consents. Similarly, the Environment Agency does not hold the consents. This is the responsibility of each individual council.


Further to our email sent on 27th December, 2012, we can advise that currently there are no hazardous substances consents held by Brentwood Borough Council and, should we receive any in the future, these will be viewable on line at