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FOI 5171

Broadband providers at schools


  1. The cost of supplying broadband to each school within the remit of the county council. Please state the school name with address, postcode, cost of Internet circuit and where the circuit goes to. E.g from school x to county hall network centre.
  2. Any other costs to the council that form part of the school charging structure. E.g. staff dedicated to the department, cost of firewalling solution, cost of content filtering solution, cost of VLE.
  3. Please say the supplier of each circuit (e.g. Virgin Media / BT).
  4. Please say the speed and type of each circuit e.g. 10Mbit Fibre, 100Mbit Fibre, 2Mbit Learning stream.
  5. The charging structure to schools. This should be concise and say exactly how each school’s annual cost is calculated. It should also show the cost of any ancillary services schools can purchase from the council. If the cost is calculated on a per pupil basis please include the full cost to that school for the year + the number of pupils at each school.
  6. When each schools contract is due to expire with the council.
  7. The notice period a school has to give to change to an alternate provider.
  8. A list of applications the council offers to each school that is currently only accessible via the schools current council supplied Internet connection / WAN connection. If there are any please state how the council aims to allow schools / Academies not on the county councils network access to these services.
  9. The councils stance on alternative broadband providers to schools and the advice they send to schools regarding choosing an alternate provider



I can advise you that Essex County Council is responsible for education and therefore we cannot answer your questions.

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