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FOI 5157



Does the council pursue council tax arrears (i.e. enforcement action against non-payment, over and above initial warning letters) via in-house staff, or is it outsourced to an external provider/contractor (e.g. debt collection agency)  

If the council has outsourced this function, please only complete Part A of this request. If the council has kept this function in-house, please only complete Part B of this request. 

Part A:

Part B: 


Throughout the entirety of this request, ‘council tax arrears’ refers to council tax payments that are overdue – it does no t include council tax that is due (i.e. under regular monthly payments during the c current financial year) but not yet overdue. 

Throughout the entirety of this request, ‘pursuit and collection of council tax arrears’ includes every stage of pursuance of arrears, from obtaining a liability order to prosecution and conviction ( in Part A, to the extent that they fall within the contracted service). 

Unless specifically stated otherwise, all parts of this request relate solely to council tax, and not to any other debt or charge that may be incurred by residents or pursued by the council. 


I refer to your E Mail received 20 November 2012. This is acknowledged as a request for information held by this authority under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act.

Part A
1. The Council uses bailiffs to collect outstanding monies past liability order stage.
2 The Bailiff providers we use are Hammonds, JBW (Hammonds were taken over by JBW), Reventus, Rundles and Rossendales.
3. We have no formal contracts just Service Level Agreements.
4. The Service Level Agreements cover Council Tax and Non Domestic Rates.
5. We have not made payment - only the V A T figure which is claimed back as far as I am aware
6. We do not make payment for the collection.
7. Bailiffs are paid on a commission basis
8. We are not currently planning a tender.
9. Our performance targets are within our Service Level Agreement
10 Bailiff companies do not outsource the work further.
11.2010/11 – Hammonds 653, JBW 231, Rossendales 22,
2011/12- Hammonds 344, JBW 300, Reventus 576, Rossendales 13.
2012/13 ( figures to 13 Dec 12) current – Hammond 139, JBW 212, Reventus 580, Rundles 178, Rossendales1
Rossendales are used for outside area cases
12.I am sorry but we do not have these figures.