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FOI 5150

Breaches of Enforcement Notices


Please provide me with information regarding breaches of Enforcement Notices which BC have progressed to Magistrates Court or any other legal conclusion in the past 5 years. Numbers per year, Brentwood Council legal representatives, Nature of Offences.

Please provide me with information regarding complaints to Brentwood Council in past 5 years. Number per year, and general subject of the complaint and Brentwood Council's investigating officer per complaint.


In response to your Freedom of Information request No.5150, and further to our email of 12th December, 2012, we can advise as follows.

There have been two instances where Brentwood Borough Council have taken matters to Court for Planning: in March 2009 Enforcement action was progressed for an advertisement matter and in December 2007 action was progressed in relation to failure to comply with a Tree Preservation Order.

There have been no cases, in the last five years, where Brentwood Borough Council have taken anyone to the Magistrates Court for breach of an Enforcement Notice. Furthermore, during that time action has been taken in five cases, where there has been an encroachment by gypsies or travellers, through the High Court.

Please note, that for all Enforcement cases the Council seek a resolution before considering prosecution.