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FOI 5116

Empty Homes


Background to this request

As an organisation comprised largely of local authority employees the Empty Homes Network is naturally reluctant to load additional work onto over-stretched colleagues. However, we think that the information supplied will help us build a stronger case for local authority involvement and leadership in empty homes work and will ultimately be to the benefit of the local government sector. Moreover, we believe that the time required to respond to the request will not be significant.

As a courtesy we have provided the rationale for our questions and invite any further clarification that you may wish to provide based on the rationale given.

Information Requested

1. Please list the job-titles of all your employees who work directly with private sector owners to bring private sector empty property back into use for housing and for each job-title listed, please give the 'Full-time-equivalent' resource dedicated to empty homes work (See Note below). 'Private sector' does not include housing association properties

2. Of the FTE resource identified above how much is on time-limited contracts (i.e. not permanent positions, agency staff etc)?

3. How much New Homes Bonus, if any, was allocated by your council in 2012-13 specifically to bringing empty homes back into use or other aspects of your empty homes initiative?

4. How much unused capacity (in pounds sterling) do you currently have (in 2012-13) to take on prudential borrowing under prudential borrowing rules?

Note on calculating number of FTE posts

If an employee works full-time on empty homes that would be 1.

If an employee spends 2 days a week on empty homes that would be 0.4 (the employee might spend 3 days a week on other work)

If there are two employees with the job title both working 3 days a week that would be 1.2

If an employee works across more than one authority, the time spent should be estimated pro-rata for your particular authority.


With reference to your request under the Freedom of Information Act I can advise as follows:

1. Job titles of employees dealing with empty property
Senior Environmental Health Officer 0.0125
Environmental Health Officer 0.0125
Environmental Health Officer 0.0075
Environmental Health Officer 0.0075
Technical Officer 0.0125
HMO Project Officer 0.03

2. HMO Project Officer above is on a 12 month fixed term contract expiring May 2013
3. None
4. None