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FOI 5066

Green Belt Boundaries


Under the Freedom of Information Act, please can you provide me with details of:

1. Changes to the boundaries of Green Belt land in the council area that have taken place since January 2012
2. The area of land that has both been added and lost in the change?
3. Any plans or proposals to change the boundaries of Green Belt land in your area that are currently in place, again with the area of land that will be affected
4. If the council is planning to hold a review of the boundaries in the near future?


Further to your Freedom of Information Request, Brentwood Borough Council’s response to your questions is given below.

1. There have been no changes to Green Belt boundaries since January this year.
2. There are no areas of land that can be provided because there have been no changes.
3. There are no proposals currently in place to change Green Belt boundaries
4. The Council is not planning to review the boundaries of the Green Belt at this time.