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FOI 4985

Public Health Funerals/Parish Burials


Under the Freedom of Information Act, please could you provide me with details of:

a) The number of funerals funded by the local authority within the past one year,because no friends or relatives of the deceased could be found who were able or willing to pay. I believe these are officially known as public health funerals.

b) The average cost of these funerals

c) A copy of any guidance or instructions used to determine the format of the funeral and what happens to the body. For example, whether the body is cremated or buried, whether a religious service is held, whether a tombstone is provided, and any other details you can provide about what happens at the funerals.

d) Name of deceased, date of death, whether the next of kin have been identified/traced, estimated estate value (did the deceased own his/her home, live in a council property, housing association or nursing home)

e) Have details been passed to any other public authority (please provide name of authority)


Thank you for your freedom of information request pertaining to deaths that the council has sent or will be sending to the Treasury Solicitor, this has been passed to me for a reply as the responsible Officer for this service area.

I can confirm that Brentwood Borough Council has had involvement in one burial that required referral to the Treasury Solicitor, Duchy of Lancaster or Cornwall or for Scotland the QLTR department in the last 12 months.

I can also confirm that the Council holds the following information in relation to this burial:

• Name of Deceased: Mr John Malcolm Ball
• Date of Birth of Deceased: 29/6/47
• Next of kin were traced and notified
• Date of cremation: 5/7/12

I’m afraid at this stage no other information is held or available.