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FOI 4961

Taxi Licensing


I need all the supporting working papers/speadsheets which show how the surplus figure has been arrived at. This will need to include detailed income and expenditure together with opening and closing balances. At the end of 2010/11 the surplus was £20730 unless this has been revised. I assume 2010/11 was one combined account and 2011/12 onwards has been split into the three accounts, again I need to see how this was done.

With regard to staff costs if time sheet data was used to calculate costs please provide supporting copy spreadsheets. Please also detail the Central Support % charge applicable for each year.


I understand from Ashley that the working papers etc referred to in paragraph one of your e-mail have been supplied. I also understand that the central support information requested is already the subject of a separate FOI and the Council is responding to this accordingly.

In respect of your question in paragraph two, I am advised that the timesheet data used for the 13/14 estimates was the same as applied for the 12/13 calculations, i.e. the data from 11/12. This data has previously been supplied.