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Leased & Hired Vehicles


The information I request is around how much you pay monthly (or annually) for leased, hired or loaned vehicles.  

Information requirements:

In addition to the above:



Hired vehicles – vehicles are hired as and when required, usually for additional work commitments. At present we have the following vehicles on hire:-

3 x Ford 3.5ton transit tippers – cost for each vehicle per month £460. Two are on hire from April – Oct, the other one has been on hire for 2 months until additional work is completed.
1 x Ford 3.5ton box van – cost £400 per month. The vehicle has been on hire for 3 mths until additional work is completed.

Servicing is provided by the hire company and the vehicles go on the Council’s general motor policy with Zurich at no additional cost.

Lease Cars

The Council’s Staff Car Leasing Scheme was discontinued on 31 March 2011 – i.e. no new vehicles ordered after this date.

Existing contracts are being allowed to run until expiry dates, but vehicles are not being replaced. All vehicles were supplied by Activa Contracts Ltd.

At today, there are 12 staff cars + 1 pool car remaining on the scheme. These contracts will expire between now and June 2015. The current annual rental of these vehicles is approximately £45,000. NB This is not the “cost” of the scheme – staff contribute for having private use of the vehicle.