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FOI 4611

Council Tax Benefit


The Government is legislating to change Council Tax Benefit, forcing local authorities to consult on local schemes and reducing the overall pot of money available. A consultation took part earlier this year, in which many councils expressed concern about the plans.

I am carrying out a comprehensive survey of the impact of CTB reform.

Would you please disclose the following information to me please:

1) Any correspondence with DCLG regarding CTB reform
2) Any consultation paper you have issued on CTB reform
3) Any assessment you have made on the effect of localised council tax reform on council tax collection rates
4) Any groups that you have intend to or have suggested protecting from the impact of CTB reform, e.g. single mothers, carers, the disabled, etc.
5) The maximum %age of council tax liabilities that you have suggested in consultation or in discussion charging current recipients, e.g. charging 25% of council tax to some groups in order to protect pensioners. You may have provided a range; if so, that will suffice.
6) Any assessment you have made of the %age of CTB recipients that are pensioners in your local authority.


1. The only correspondence received from DCLG to date was regarding the funding arrangements to cover administration costs.

2. Please see our website for all consultation documents

3. Only just started this process

4. Severely disabled and war pensioners

5. 80% maximum entitlement

6. 50% of CTB recipients are of pensionable age.