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FOI 4581

Food Hygiene


I would like to receive a copy of the following information which is held by your local authority as a result of the latest food hygiene inspections for each food business.

The information should comprise, for each inspection...

Business name
Council ID
phone number (if known)
Email address (if known)
Risk Rating
8 component scores.

I would prefer to receive the information as an excel spreadsheet in the order specified.

As a clarification of the FOI and to aid you in providing the information requested, please note the following....

1. The food businesses required are only those supplied to the FSA as part of the FHRS or FHIS submissions.
2. The FSA receive only a part of the food hygiene inspection results, we are requesting the information not supplied. Therefore the current FHRS/FHIS submissions or FSA web site are not an acceptable reply to this FOI request.
3. Two possible existing reports can be used as a basis for the reply to us. They are the existing FHRS/FHIS report or the LAEMS report. This should dramatically reduce the effort required.
4. If the current LAEMS report was up to date and accurate, then this would be sufficient if the available telephone numbers/emails were added
5. Telephone numbers and email addresses are only required if known.
6. The council id is the id used as part of the FHRS submission to uniquely identify each food business uploaded.
7. This information request will not be required on an ongoing frequent basis
8. For councils using Uniform, the 8 component scores can be provided in a single field and we can extract the underlying scores.
9. The risk rating is the standard A-E etc. rating
10. Councils who used to be part of the SOTD service could use the same report they used for this upload in order to save effort.

I hope this clarifies the requirements but if you have any particular difficulties with this FOI, please contact us as we would like to reduce the burden on the council as far as is possible.


Excel spreadsheet sent by email.