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Disposal of IT equipment


1. Does the Council currently have a contract for IT disposal?

  1. If so, which company handles the contract?
  2. When does the contract expire?
  3. Is the contract advertised in the European Journal or other Purchasing Publication (Buying Solutions - local framework agreements?)
  4. Does the contract cost the Council to dispose of IT or does the awarded company 'pay' for the material?
  5. If the contractor pays for the removal of IT, what are the typical costs? What is are the last 3 months and 6 months worth of transacted business?
  6. If the Council pays for the material to be removed what is the projected spend over the period of the contract?

2.  What involvement does the Council's Information Technology Services division specifically get involved in the disposal of IT equipment?  Is this a piece of work where 'estates' decide how material is disposed of?

3.  How is data removed from Servers and PC's prior to end of life?

  1. If a software tool is deployed, which tool is it?
  2. Does the tool meet CESG and DIPCOG certification?
  3. Are the drives removed and destroyed? If so who removes the drives?
  4. How long does it take per machine to remove hard drives?

4.  Does the Council donate any equipment to charity, good causes or staff? If so, how does the university ensure data protection?

  1. If the Council prepares a PC to be donated to charity, good causes or staff how long does it take to prepare each PC and how does the Council support any of the donated methods in terms of post donation to support?
  2. How does the Council transfer any licences between the Council and new owners?

5.  Who has overall responsibility for the disposal of IT equipment within the Council?

6.  Can the Council track all assets disposed of should there be a breach of data investigation?

7.  How many incidents has the Council dealt with in the last 3 years from data being found on IT equipment disposed of?

8.  At what point during the IT assets life cycle does the item become a zero cost asset to the Council?

9.  How does the Council recognise any rebate back from equipment sold?

10.  How many staff are involved with decommissioning services of legacy IT equipment?

11.  Is decommissioning a process driven exercise (set standards and procedures)?

12.  How old it IT equipment before it is disposed of?


1. No – we do not currently have an ICT disposal contract.
2. Old and unusable equipment is firstly checked against leased equipment lists to make sure we own equipment. If kit is ours to dispose of, it is removed from our estate and stored in secure storage whilst we arrange a collection with ICT recycling companies.
3. Disposal company deals with this.
4. No – all equipment to go to disposal company
5. Tim Huggins, 01277 312719,
6. We can only track assets to disposal company
7. None at all
8. 3 years – obsolete after
9. No equipment sold
10. 3 staff deal with disposal
11. Not at this time, procedures are being written for this
12. 3-4 years or broken (out of warranty)