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The IDOX TLC User Group CoP has been recently transferred to the and was a group for users of IDOX TLC (Total Land Charges). It had 196 members from Council Local Land Charges Departments and 78 forums. It had regular meetings at Council offices.

Would you please answer my enquiries below?

Was/Is the Council a registered user of IDOX software?


If Yes:

Was/Is any member of the Council’s Local Land Charge Department a participant in IDOX TLC and/or its successor?


Please forward to me copies of the following:

* All correspondence in the 78 IDOX TLC forums and any successor forums

* All correspondence in the IDOX TLC blog and any successor blogs?

* Minutes and agendas of all external User Group meetings on land charge issues attended by your land charges staff in the last 3 years


• I confirm that the Council is a user of IDOX software.
• I confirm that no member of staff in the land charges department is a participant in IDOX TLC and/or its successor.
• In respect of all correspondence in the 78 IDOX TLC forums and any successor forums and blogs, as stated no land charges member of staff has been a participant in IDOX TCL. In any event, correspondence held on the IDOX forum and blogs is not data held by the Council itself and the Council do not own such data.
• As stated above, I confirm that no land charges staff in the past three years has attended any external user group meetings relating to land charges issues and therefore the land charges department does not hold any minutes and agendas in this regard.