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FOI 4394

Social services having no concerns of suspect abuse and remove


Under the freedom of information please supply the following statistics in the last 5 years of social services or social workers

1. How many cases has your LA supported a parent that has tried to or actually harmed or kill a child or previous children but not supported and / or criticised the other parent for reporting concerns? What would be your policy on this?

2. How many cases has your LA supported a parent or grandparent or family member for sexually abusing a child whereas the child has disclosed abuse? What is your policy on discrediting the concerned parent reporting disclosures? What is your policy on calling the child a liar?

3. What is the policy of not placing anything negative (being selective with evidence) about the abusing parent in reports?

4. What is the policy of falsifying or placing misleading facts about the concerned parent in reports. How many complaints have you had of misleading reports?

5. What is the policy if a social worker gets caught out misleading the courts and and each time the social worker gets caught out they reduce contact time or removal of the child from the concerned parent. How many times has this happened? What is your policy on this?

6. What is your policy on shredding any professional or positive reports against the concerned parent. Has your LA ever done this?

7. When a child discloses how many cases has a child refused to speak to professionals or shown no emotions of the abuse. Has this ever been the case whereas a child has shown no or little emotions.

8. What is your policy if another services user came forward, independent from the case, and makes a statement against the same person that the concerned parent has also reported and that both child disclosures are similar despite disclosures being over 20 years apart, and that such a person has exposed him or herself to a child(ren). Would it be correct to say that a social worker would state no concerns. How many cases has a social worker or social services stated no concerns. What would be the policy if a social worker stated they had no concerns.


In response to your questions I can advise you that the information you require is held by Essex County Council.