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I understand that you maintain a public register of HMO landlords and may also have other databases of landlords. However I have been unable to find this information published in a complete form that I can access.

Please can you supply me with the following in electronic machine-readable format:

1. The contents of the HMO landlords register for all properties in your area specifically the full address and postcode of the HMO

2. Where available please also supply such of the following as might be provided

a. The licence holder's name and address (alternatively address only)

b. The name and address of any alternative manager of the HMO (alternatively address only)

c. Details of the HMO description and premises usage, specifically, if available;

i. the number of storeys

ii. the number of self-contained flats

iii. the number of non self-contained flats

iv. the maximum number of households in the HMO

v. the maximum number of persons

vi. any other details of the property

3. Similar contents of any other register of landlords/properties that you hold or administer

Please consider this request to mean any ( the largest) subset of the above that might be provided.

If it is relevant to this application the primary purpose for which I wish the data is the building of small area socio-demographic and geo-demographic mathematical models.


Public register emailed to Mr Rae from Hardeep Nashad