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FOI 4323

Non Domestic Rates


Please provide me with the following information for each commercial property in your area

1. Name of Current Ratepayer
2. Address of property
3. Occupancy date for Current Ratepayer (if after 1/4/2010)
4. VOA Billing Authority Reference Number (BA reference)
5. 2010 rating list value £
6. Local Authority Account Number
7. Actual 2012/13 NNDR charge.
8. Type of Relief granted for 2012/13 ie Mandatory, Discretional, Empty property, SBRR or None.

Note to information compiler.

I would like to be as flexible as possible in terms of your response to this request and am happy to modify its scope if it will reduce your costs and time taken in compiling the response.

The objective of this request is to identify the occurrence and distribution of rates reliefs or the absence of reliefs in your district and accordingly point 8 is the key data requested. Everything else requested is a secondary attribute of the primary item and some could be dispensed with if they causes you any difficulty. Eg item 3 is not essential, item 6 is not essential. Item 7 has only been requested as a check against the response to item 8 and could be omitted if it proves difficult to obtain.


I refer to your E Mail dated 10 July 2012. This is acknowledged as a request for information held by this authority under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act.

I attach a list of Brentwood Borough Council Non Domestic Rate accounts details as requested in your E Mail. The document provides accounts in respect of incorporated companies only.