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FOI 4304

Cooling Towers


1: Is your register of cooling towers in your area up-to-date, and how many cooling towers are currently registered?
2: How many of these are the council responsible for regulating, and how many are the responsibility of the Health and Safety Executive?
3: How many pro-active health and safety inspections have been carried ou t by the council each year for the past five years regarding legionella risks, or management of legionella risks, at:
a)   cooling towers sites; and

b)  other water systems with potential legionella risks?


1. The register has been recently updated (June 2012) and there are 11 cooling towers registered with this Authority.
2. The Council is responsible for regulating all of the towers.
3. (a) =NIL
(b) = this cannot be quantified as the risk of Legionella growth will be considered at any relevant premises within the Borough at the time of inspection, however this information cannot be gleaned from our database as inspections focussing on this topic haven’t been carried out