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  1. What was authorities spend on Consultancy Services for financial ye ar 2011/2012? 
  2. Reference the above, who were the top 5 suppliers for consultancy services, please include the following:

 Apart from OJEU, where else does the authority advertise procurement opportunities? 

In accordance with your financial regulations, what are the thresholds below OJEU where the authority advertises procurement opportunities?

What current tendering opportunities is the authority advertising at this moment in time? 

Do you have your own procurement centre? 

If so, please supply the contact details for your Procurement Manager? 

What is the size of your procurement team?


1. We spent a total of £298,926.93 on consultancies in 2011/2012.
2. The top five were:

Public Sector Consultants £123,244.57 Temporary Accountancy Staff
Gillard Reid Consulting Ltd £80,750.00 Temporary Accountancy Staff
Morgan Law Recruitment Consultancy Ltd £76,767.76 Temporary Accountancy Staff
Chelmsford Borough Council £11,784.37 Town Centre Marketing
David Matthias £2,500.00 Legal advice

3. We advertise procurement opportunities on the Improvement East website, and through Procurement Agency for Essex.

According to the Council’s standing orders for contracts, all contracts with a value of over £50,000 must be advertised through a full tender exercise

All contracts are listed on the Improvement East website and are available for all contractors to see when they come to and end

The council does have a procurement centre, and Procurement Manager is Steve Boyle, 01277 3122703

The procurement team is one officer, with assistance from a finance officer