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FOI 4217

Pre-application discussion charges


I want copies of documents & correspondence to the authorities legal planning departments officers for applications to build concerning land that has been judged as no payment necessary for pre application fees deemed as at the discretions of the local authority under Local Government Act 2003 of Section 93 probably including parts 2(b), 5(a) and part 6 or interrelated applications asking for successful replies of no payment appertaining to the aforementioned discretionary decisions correspondence from and to the applicants individually, and also the documents to and from individuals aforementioned, where change of use provisions to residential interrelated under the Act where no pre application payment has been necessary for individuals that have asked for the aforemen tioned in cases under separately or combined in their applications..


Further to your Freedom of Information requesting information concerning pre-planning application discussion charges, these are available to view on our website following the link given below.

For ease of reference I am also attaching this information.

The information regarding planning approvals is available for extraction from the public domain (, ( and (