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FOI 4168

Payments to Christian Churches


Please could you provide an Excel spreadsheet detailing all payments that the council has made to any Christian churches, Christian ministries or other Christian worship groups (i.e. any organisation whose primary purpose is religion - NOT any organisation with a religious element at all, e.g. NOT Christian schools, etc.)
"Payments" should include any money transfers at all, including grants, loans and payment for work/services, etc.  I would like this information dating back for the last five financial years (i.e. 2007/'08 - 2001/'12).
For each payment, please state (a) the amount of money, (b) the name of the recipient and (c) the date of the payment. (NB: if the payment has been agreed but is yet to be fully paid, please simply give the date the payment was agreed upon). I would also be very grateful for any additional information regarding the payments, such as the purpose of the payments if this is available. However, if getting this information would be too time-consuming for FOI limits, details about the reasons for the payments may be omitted.


Further to your FOI request, I can confirm that the Council has not made any payment to any Christian Churches, Christian ministries or other Christian worship groups from 2007/8 – 2011/12.