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FOI 4056

Neighbourhood plans


I am seeking the information for the following neighbourhood plan in preparation in Brentwood:

Doddinghurst Parish

The information requested is:

1) Whether it is being brought forward under the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.

1a) The current estimated date that it will, if satisfactorily completed, go to referendum

2) If it is not being brought forward under the 2012 Regulations, what is the statutory or informal basis for bringing forward the plan? (For example, supplementary or development plan documents under the local development framework, or non-statutory village/town plans.)

2a) Is it expected that this plan, if satisfactorily completed, will be subject to referendum, and if so what is the estimated date of that referendum?


Doddinghurst Parish is preparing a neighbourhood plan under the Neighbourhood Planning (General Regulations) 2012. The parish clerk informs me that the estimated date it will, if satisfactorily completed, go to referendum is the end of 2013. This date is, however, provisional since it depends on a number of factors which may influence the timescale.