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FOI 4054

Statutory Duties


I have been provided with a list of activities which are required of Brentwood BC by both statute and common law.  I shall, for ease of communication, refer to these as 'statutory duties'.  This list was sent under cover of a letter, Ref LM/FOI 2921, dated 31 Jan 2012.

I have looked through this list, but I have failed to find any laws or regulations with refer to: maintenance of hedges, ditches, and margins along roadways, maintenance of space between roadways and hedges and trees, both horizontally and vertically.

I shall be obliged if you can refer me to the appropriate common law or legislation.


Thank you for your Freedom of Information Request in requesting legislation which refers to the maintenance of hedges, ditches, margins along road ways, space between roadways and hedges and trees.

The legislation that covers the maintenance of the requested information is Highways Act 1980. Essex County Council is the authority responsible for the Highways, and we act as contractors to them. For full list of responsibilities they undertake under the Highways Act you would need to contact them direct.