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FOI 4049

Customer contact centre


1.     Does the Local Authority have a centralised customer contact centre providing the first point of contact for citizen enquiries ?

If so, which of the following services does this contact centre support?  [please state yes or no for each of the following]

2 .     Approximately how many FTE do you typically have working within the Local Authority’s customer contact centre? ( FTE is defined as the sum of all "Full Time Equivalent” staff members. For example, if there are two members of staff, one of whom works full-time and one of whom works half-time, their combined FTE figure would be 1.5) 

3.     What is the Local Authority’s approximate annual expenditure on the customer contact centre?

4.      Does the Local Authority operate a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) IT system within the customer contact centre?  If so, what system is used?


Answer as per FOI 3998, closed June 7th 2012