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Staff dismissals


I'm a student at Teesside Uni and am researching work motivation.  For me to be able to understand present work motivation I am requesting the number of employees your authority has dismissed in the last 5 years.  I would like to request this data by year and categorised by category i.e job redundant, voluntary redundant, retirement , disciplinary dismissed, sickness dismissal or performance capability dismissed.  I await your response as required within the 28 days required of the freedom of information act.


Thank you for your Freedom of Information request regarding work motivation and the number of employees the Council has dismissed over the past five years.

The information you have requested is as follows:

Redundant – 41
Voluntary Redundant – 2
Retirement – 13 (N.B. We wouldn’t consider retirement as a dismissal as the employee has decided to leave when they request retirement)
Disciplinary – 9
Ill Health – 7
Capability – 1