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FOI 3997

Payments to suppliers


Please supply me with the details of the standard payment terms your council employs in dealings with its suppliers, contractors and any other party supplying a service or product at a cost to your council.  

Please also supply the most recent available figures showing, within a 12-month period:  

* The percentage of bills your council settled in 10 days or less; 

* The percentage of bills your council settled in 30 days or less;  

* The percentage of bills your council to ok more than 30 days to settle.

Please also supply me with the mean aver age of the amount of time, in days, your council took to settle bills, within the same 12 month period.



Further to your FOI requesting details of standard payment terms to suppliers please see information requested:-

Our standard terms for payment of invoices are that we should pay within 30 days of receipt of the invoice, or if the supplier is within the Borough, we should pay within 20 days.

During the period April 2011 to March 2012:
26.20% within 10 days
91.23% within 30 days
8.77% were outside 30 days.

Average amount of time to pay an invoice = 22.47 days.