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FOI 3953

Council Housing


  1. What is the largest house – defined by the number of bedrooms – that you provide to a household within your authority, through whatever funding means (eg. Council owned, council managed or privately rented accommodation)?
  2. Please state (i) the number of bedrooms, (ii) the first section of the postcode and the first digit of the second section of the postcode (eg E11 3??), (iii) the monthly cost to the authority of providing the home to the household?
  3. If a council owned property please state how much money has been spent on renovation, repair, redecoration on the property in the last five financial years?

 NOTE: If you have more than one property with the maximum number of bedrooms then please state how man y homes you provide with this number of bedrooms and provide the further detail on up to five that are the easiest for you to locate.


No. of bedrooms Postcode Responsive Repair cost Planned Maintenance and
for the past 5 years Redec costs for the past 5 years
Property A 4 CM13 2 £700.79 £2352.00
Property B 4 CM13 2 £897.72 £2352.00
Property C 4 CM13 2 £452.67 £4134.00
Property D 4 CM13 2 £2160.56 £2352.00
Property E 4 CM13 2 £1107.42 £2352.00