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FOI 3948

Non Domestic Rates


As a firm we represent some 3000 clients who at same time have incurred a rates liability.

Our clients have asked us to ensure that where they have had a rates liability, any credits have been refunded.  Rather than write 3000 letters to each local authority, requesting information for each client, I have taken the view to cover this information under one formal request.

With reference to the above Act, please supply the names, addresses, amounts of credits and the year that they appear for of all accounts where they sit and remain unclaimed.  In addition please also include all cases where money has been written back after the rate payer has failed to return a refund claim form.


I refer to your letter dated 21 May 2012. This is acknowledged as a request for information held by this authority under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act.

As requested I have attached a list of Brentwood Borough Council Non Domestic Rate Accounts that are currently in credit for the reasons indicated in your request. The document indicates all credits in respect of incorporated companies only.