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FOI 3822

Car Park Information


Please can you provide a list of ECC operated or contracted car parks (on street & Off street).

On each site I would like the last five years and the current years information on:

The number of spaces, Location, tariff changes, number of tickets sold & the revenue generated from each car park.

I would also request if the council knows of any developments that would directly effect the car parks.


The Car Parks in Brentwood Borough are all under the control of Brentwood Borough Council and are not contracted to or run by ECC.

It is not altogether clear from your email if you require the information regardless of who controls the car parks, I have therefore attached a summary sheet that gives all the Data requested on our car parks to include spaces, locations charging periods and tariffs that apply in the Brentwood council owned car parks.

I am providing income figures for the financial years 10/11 and 11/12 as they are the years for which I have been responsible for budgets within parking services and for which I hold records.
In relation to tickets sold etc, the reporting systems are in the process of being developed with our parking system suppliers, they currently do not hold the ticket information that is requested.

Income shown by Car Park :


Multi Storey Car Park Coptfold Road Brentwood = £309,238.00
William Hunter Way Car Park Brentwood = £523,248.74
Chatham Way Car Park Brentwood = £200,082.62
Town Hall Car Park Brentwood = £9,979.12
Hunters and Friars Avenue car parks Shenfield = £97,229.49

King George playing fields currently comes under Street Scene ( parks) and income for the car park for 10/11 was £26,640.67


Multi Storey car park Coptfold road Brentwood = £320,820.04
William Hunter Way Car Park Brentwood = £556,916.05
Chatham way Car Park Brentwood = £207,904.69
Town Hall Car Park Brentwood= £11,771.75
Hunters and Friars Avenue Car Parks Shenfield = £96,106.92

King Georges Playing Fields control as above, income for 11/12 was £21,274.72