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Brentwood Borough Council

FOI 3817

Organisations contracted to provide public services


I would like to submit a Freedom of Information request, regarding organisations that are contracted to provide public services on your behalf.

1) For the last financial year, please provide a list of organisations that you have contracted to provide services to the public. If you have records that ind icate that any contractors are religious in nature, please indicate which contractors these are.

2) In the past five years, have you changed any organisation you use for any specific public service? Please list instances, dates, original organisation and replacement organisation.


1) Papworth Trust, Light House Furniture Project, MacKie Contractors, Pest Busters, P & T Haulage, Allpay.Net Ltd, JC Decaux, Stannah Stairlifts, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Evers Building Contractors and Essex Farmers Market. The Council do not award contracts on the basis of a particular religion or religious beliefs.

2) The council has not changed any organisation that we use for specific public service in the past 5 years.