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FOI 3777

Contaminated Land under Part IIA of the Environmental Protec


I am making a Freedom of Information request for information on the number of Contaminated Land sites determined under Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and entries onto the Part IIA register since 1 April 2007.

I would like to receive this information via this online form: The form asks the following questions:

*********Has the Council determined any sites as Contaminated Land under Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 since 1 April 2007? If yes how many and the number of determinations in each year since April 2007.

*********How many sites were subsequently designated as Special Sites?

*********Has the Council recorded any entries on it’s Part IIA Remediation Public register since 1 April 2007? If yes, how many Remediation Notices, Remediation Statements and Remediation Declarations in each year since April 2007.

The purpose of making the request is to obtain information on the number and dates of Part IIA determinations and other activity in England since the last State of Contaminated Land report by the Environment Agency. I work as a pollution control officer at Spelthorne Borough Council in Surrey and am currently undertaking a thesis (as part of my MSc in Environmental Health) on progress with and barriers to the Part IIA regime with special reference to a Part IIA inspection recently completed on a housing estate in the Spelthorne area.

I think that the results of this request will be of interest and use to contaminated land officers in England and therefore it is my intention to publish the results in July 2012 on the Pollution pages of Spelthorne Borough Council’s website ( The results will be displayed as the total no. of determinations in England, charts of the numbers of determinations and register activities per year and a map showing the location of determinations and special sites in England by local authority area. Please contact me if you do not give permission for publication of the results in this manner.

Outside of the Freedom of Information request I have put together a very quick complimentary questionnaire for Contaminated Land Officers for my thesis: It is 15 tick box questions, which should take 5 minutes or less to answer. If the online FOI form is not completed by the officer responsible for contaminated land at your authority I would be extremely grateful if you are able to bring this questionnaire to their attention.


Response sent via attachments