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Brentwood Borough Council

FOI 3759

Care and nursing homes


Please provide me with the following information regarding care and nursing homes for older people in your local authority.

1.) How many home residents a) have you funded, and b) how many of these had additional funding from a third-party top up agreement for the years, i) 2011-12, ii) 2010-11 and iii) 2009-10?

2.) What block contracts for bed provision have you purchased, specifying each provider and the number of beds you've purchased from them? Please give me the figures for a) 2011-12, b) 2010-11, and c) 2009-10.

3.) How many homes did your council run in i) 2011-12, ii) 2010-11, and iii) 2009-10. What was the total capacity of beds in these council run homes and how many beds were occupied (as an average over the year)?


Thank you for your recent Freedom of Information Act Request.

Essex County Council is the responsible authority and can be contacted in the following ways:

Your Right to Know
Information Sharing Information Security
Po Box 11
County Hall
Market Road