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FOI 3736

Brentwood Essex Sanders Court retirement flats


Please would you kindly supply the people of Brentwood with the full story / history (legal, planning and environmental etc) behind the retirement homes now being built in London Road near the Tesco garage, and BT building.

Please include all stages of planning discussions, consultations with the residents of Brentwood, especially those nearby, and impact assessments - on wildlife both big and small, flora, & on Brentwood's lung health (trees), and Brentwood's infrastructure and economy. Who was consulted? Please include timescales. who will be eligible to live in these homes?

How many of such buildings now exist in Brentwood?

What buildings did they replace?

How many more are planned?

When will it stop?

Has a socio-economic survey of Brentwood been undertaken?

How have the benefits to all Brentwood citizens been assessed?

What will the fees be to the elderly residents? Who benefits?

Re: Sanders Court in Junction Road. Please supply the same history, and please say who is eligible for such housing, and what level of capital / income they need to have to take advantage of all the benefits (and meet with local politicians for a cosy cuppa / photo opportunity / local council election publicity.)

Please provide details of equivalent homes for the elderly for people who may not be eligible because they do not have the capital
/ income. An explanation of how this all works would be appreciated.

How many council / state run nursing homes now remain in Brentwood?

How many were there 40, 30, 20, and 10 years ago? Please provide documents that would explain the rationale behind their demise.

How many charity run nursing homes might there be in Brentwood?

Please provide the impact assessment that must have been drawn up prior to building, (re infrastructure, plus on the residents
themselves who are overcrowded, have little place to park, plus the difficulty of getting emergency services through the small roads
between the flats.)
What building / health and safety regulations applied? Were they followed?

Who decided? Who was consulted? What notice was taken of any opposition?


Please find attached response to your request – as there are a number of attachments I’m sending them in more than one email.