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FOI 3712

Non Domestic Rates


I would be obliged if you could forward the information in relation to
business rates requested below:-

1) Details of any attempted refunds of accounts in credit that have been returned or not presented for payment ie unrepresented cheques
2) Details of any 'bounceback' refunds attempted to have been refunded by BACS
3) Details of any credit amounts moved to a 'suspense' account for any reason

Please detail the following details:

* name of company (ratepayer)
* amount (value)
* date credit arose
* address value relates to
* billing address
* account number
* any system narrative, detailing reason for credit or reason for non clearance
* Please could you also confirm which business rates system you are currently using, when you started using this and which version.

Our request is for the period of time you have been using your current system together with any accessible archive system. Please detail on the return, the period you have provided details for.


I refer to your E Mail received 18 April 2012. This is acknowledged as a request for information held by this authority under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act.

As requested I have attached a list of Brentwood Borough Council Non Domestic Rate Accounts that are currently in credit for the reasons indicated in your request. We started using the Northgate System in the year 2000 and are currently using Version