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FOI 3711

Complaints and safeguarding


Please provide me with the following information:

* How many a) quality assurance officers were employed in your quality assurance team and b) quality assurance visits did you carry out in care and nursing homes for older people in i) 2011-12, ii) 2010-11, iii) 2009-10?

* How many safeguarding alerts did you receive in i) 2011-12, ii) 2010-11, iii) 2009-10, in relation to care and nursing homes for older people? If possible, please split into the following categories: physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, financial abuse, neglect and acts of omission, discriminatory abuse, and institutional abuse.

* How many complaints about care homes for the elderly in your Council have you received in the years in i) 2011-12, ii) 2010-11, iii) 2009-10?

* How many embargoes (in order to prevent new admissions) do you currently have in place against care homes for older people and how long has each been in place? How many embargoes did you have in place in the years a) 2011-12, b) 2010-11 and c) 2009-10?

I am interested in seeing other FOI requests, if they have dealt with similar issues.


I can advise you that Essex County Council is the responsible authority for nursing homes and therefore we cannot answer your questions.