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I would be very grateful if you could provide answers for the following questions and I would like to receive the information I have asked for in electronic format:


a) What is the number of, and value of, all housing properties currently held by the local authority, assessed at current market values (e.g. using the Beacon value method)?

b) How was this data arrived at?


For question 2, if a) is answered in full then b) and c) are not needed. If b) is answered in full then c) is not needed.

a) Can you provide numbers for the average market value of your social housing stock by decile (top 10%, next 10%, next 10% etc, from most expensive to least expensive) and number of bedrooms? (Please see the attached spreadsheet which should make clear what I am requesting).

b) If this is not possible, have you undertaken any assessment of the value or “distribution by value” of your housing stock since 2008? By “distribution by value” I mean, for example, how many properties are worth


I do not appear to have had any response to my previous e-mails, and so I am afraid I am unable to answer your request.