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FOI 3459

Ingatestone parking total spaces


At the recent public meeting at Ingatestone Library, Cllr Parker claimed there are a total of 628 parking spaces in the village.

Please explain how this figure was reached, and supply any further detail behind it:

1) Location of these spaces (ideally with reference to a map)

2) The breakdown of restrictions/charging for them that Cllr Parker also referred to.


Thank you for your email regarding the public meeting at Ingatestone Library.

The figure of 628 parking spaces was base on an estimate of on street parking space in the roads surrounding the Ingatestone village centre. As a measurement of their length, assuming a 6m parking space, assuming parking could only by to one side of the road etc.

The information below was passed to Cllr Parker and includes the breakdown of restrictions/charging:

The information below is based on a casual measurement of the length of the road, Parking on one side only and parking bays 6m long. I have only covered the village itself and not gone too far out.

The Paddocks 400m poss 66 spaces but no parking 2 to 3pm
The Furlongs 500m poss 80 spaces but no parking 10 to 11am
Roman Rd adja fire station poss 12 spaces part no longer than 1hr
Roman rd adj market place poss 3 spaces No longer than 1 hr
Market Place 4 spaces unrestricted
Bakers Lane est. 6 spaces unrestricted
The Meads up to Pemberton Ave 500m poss 80 spaces unrestricted
Fryerning Lane 67m poss 10 spaces unrestricted
Willow Green area 700m poss 115 spaces unrestricted
New Road 230m poss 38 spaces but no parking 11 to midday
Roman Rd adj Pine Drive 160m poss 26 spaces unrestricted
Roman Rd adj Spread Eagle 77m poss 12 spaces No parking longer than 1 hr
Pine drive Docklands and Park Drive 800m poss 130 spaces but no parking 11 to midday
Fairfield 180m poss 30 spaces unrestricted
Stock Lane 100m poss 16 space but no parking 2 to 3pm

This gives a total of 628 spaces not including the car parks assuming say a third of each of these will not be possible due to private drives etc. then say 376 spaces. However the majority of these will be in residential locations and clearly not popular.

Market Place has 22 spaces
Bell Mead has 24 spaces

The map use in this process were from the Consolidated Traffic regulation Order for the borough now held by Essex County Council.