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FOI 3458

Ingatestone parking space total


At the recent meeting at Ingatestone Library, Cllr Parker claimed that the car parks receive an effective subsidy of £2,700 per annum.

Please explain the rational behind this figure, internal communications generated in deciding on this figure, and any
documents that support it being at this level.


My investigations have revealed that the figure quoted by Cllr Parker was in relation to the costs associated with the Enforcement of the limited stay car parks in Ingatestone. The figure was based on the current patrol of two days a week at a total of 5 hrs 2.5 hrs for each day of patrol to cover both car parks, times the Civil Enforcement officers hourly rate of £10 per hour over 50 weeks of the year. this gives a total of £2500 which is what cllr Parker advised was the figure that was quoted as being refereed to as a possible subsidy to Ingatestone by the rest of the Borough who pay for car parking and cover the Enforcement costs by doing so.
I trust this covers your enquiry.