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FOI 3388

Slip Accidents and Slip Resistance Testing


Following reports in the media and specifically the HSE website it would appear that the vast majority of accidents occur as a result of slips, trips & falls.

I myself personally and other friends have both suffered these accidents, and cannot help but feel that the vast majority of floors that we are expected to walk upon appear to be and probably are slippery when wet.

There are standards that should be adhered to in order to protect both employees and others from such risk.

The HSE has produced and published a vast amount of information on this subject within their website.

With this in mind, I wish to know what steps if any, you (as a local authority with responsibilities to enforce the legal obligations that exist to protect persons against slipping) are actively taking.

These are the ones that I am aware of: 

1. Under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974

Employers have to ensure their employees and anyone else who could be affected by their work (such as visitors, members of the public, patients etc.), are kept safe from harm and that their health is not affected. This means slip and trips risks must be controlled to ensure people do not slip, trip and fall.

2. The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999

These build on the requirements of the Act and include duties on employers to assess risks (including slip and trip risks) and where necessary take action to safeguard health and safety.

3. The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992

Require floors to be suitable for the workplace and work activity, kept in good condition and kept free from obstructions. Also, people must be able to move around safely.

4. Part M Building Regulations 2000

Provides for regulatory standards to be appliied in relation to buildings and access including Slip Resistance.

5. The Disability Discrimination Act (1995)

 Requires Anti slip surfaces to be provided.

6.  The workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare)      regulations 1992. Regulation 12.  

The Employer is required to provide a workplace where the floor, or surface of the traffic route, shall have no hole or slope or be uneven or SLIPPERY, so as in each case, to expose any person to a risk to his or her health and safety.

 Under the above act, I respectfully ask that within twenty days of receipt of this letter you provide me with the following information for the past 24 months.

 a. The total number of business premises that fall within your control for same

 b. The total number of businesses that you have conducted slip resistance testing upon

 c. The methodology of slip resistance test carried out

 d. The resultant figures obtained from tests carried out

 e. The follow up action carried out as a result of tests

 f. The total number of reported slip accidents that you have received.



Information in respect of slip accidents and slip resistance testing within the Brentwood Borough, Essex.

I refer to your email request in respect of the aforementioned matter. I have answered your request in the same order as the questions were posed and the answers are as follows:-

a. 1631 premises
b. 0
c. 0
d. 0
e. 0
f. 8