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FOI 3387

Interim staff


Under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act I would be grateful if you could provide me with details of interim staff employed by your organisation.

The information to be provided would identify:-

* By name each interim member of staff employed in the financial year 2011/12 at a cost of £400 per day or more.

* Title of the post/role covered by the interim member of staff.

* Cost per day of the interim appointment.

* Is this paid to the individual or to a company? If a company, please provide its name.

* Is the interim member of staff still currently employed by your organisation yes/no.

* Start date.

* Total cost of interim appointment in 2011/12 so far

* Costs in each year (if the interim employee was in post) for the financial years 2009/10 and 2010/11.

* If the cost of the interim post exceeds £50,000 per annum was a process of competitive tendering used as part of the procurement process yes/no.

* Estimated date for the termination/renewal of the interim contract.

If there are any issues with naming the individual, please identify the individual with an anonymous number, but provide as much contextual information as possible (e.g. department, responsibilities) and please provide the name of the company paid.


On 14.6.12, I emailed you to ask if you still require the information you requested under the Freedom of Information Act regarding payments for interim staff over £400 per day, to which Brentwood Borough Council had not yet responded.

As I have not heard if you still require this information, I have now closed the request. If you do still require this information, please resubmit your request to and we shall endeavour to meet your requirements as soon as possible.