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FOI 3270

Noise abatement orders


 1. Details of all noise abatement orders (or similar orders/restrictions) served regarding pianos in residential properties in the last 5 years.  The details should include:

a) the type of property the noise abatement order was served on (eg terraced, flat, detached etc)
b) the case reference number
c) copy of any noise diaries collected (redacted where necessary)
d) the length of time fro m the council receiving the initial complaint, to the council serving the noise abatement order
e) details of the conditions set out in the o rder (including any/all restrictions, was it a complete abatement order, or were time restrictions imposed; if so what were these restrictions)
f) whether the serving of the noise abatement order was challenged through the court or not.  (and if so, did the court find in the Council' s favour)

g) Details of any breaches to the abatement order, and details of an enforcement action that was taken  

h) Copy of any internal Counci l policy, Environmental Protection policy or guidelines that relate to th e dealing of Noise Nuisance cases where a musical instrument is involved


With regards to your FOI request - we have not served any noise abatements regarding Pianos in residential Properties over the past 5 years.