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FOI 3178

CCTV Cameras


I am writing to obtain details of the location of your CCTV system.  In particular, I am seeking to obtain the location of each CCTV camera, in as much detail as possible.

In your response, I would be extremely grateful if you could format all data as an Excel or PDF file. I have included a model table displaying how I would like this information to be displayed below, with example answers.

Camera Location
1 (co-ordinates)
2 (GPS)
3 (street address)

Without knowing what information your authority possesses, I am looking to acquire the most accurate cameras locations possible. If your authority does not possess any of the sample data above, I would be happy to receive any information relating to the location of cameras.


Thank you for your recent Freedom of Information Act request concerning CCTV. Please find attached the information that you have requested.