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FOI 3176

Public car parking provision


Can I please request an internal review of the response to this

You have withheld information, without saying you have withheld
information, or provided any exemption.

Why do I believe you are withholding information? Well, I can find
at least a couple of car parks mentioned in council minutes of
recent months that are not on this list!


I have looked at the information sent to you detailing those car parks that fall under the control of Parking Services and they are all listed. As you have not identified those areas that you believe have had information withheld I can only guess that you refer to King Georges Playing fields which fall under Street Scene at the moment as a public amenity space, although there is provision for car parking for those using the parks facilities it does not yet fall to parking services operationally. I have spoken to Street Scene and they have provided details for me. I have added King Georges for your attention to the original document that was sent. If you believe that any other information has been missed please specify and it can be investigated. There is no intention to withhold information but as some parking areas may be unknown to this section and fall under the control of other services I can only report back on those elements for which I am responsible.