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FOI 3174

Queen\'s Diamond Jubilee


My request concerns celebrations for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee which is taking place in June of this year; 

1….Are any elected members and or employees of the council taking part in the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant which is   scheduled for Sunday  3 June 2012.  If the answer is yes can you state the number of council employees and or representatives who are expected to take part?  Can you please provide the names of any elected members, Chief Executives and service heads who are expected to take part. 

2…What vessel(s) will these individuals be travelling on.  Can you please identify all the vessels being used by council employees and or representatives.  Has the council chartered any vessels or has it hired part of any vessels.  If so can it identify those vessels.  Can it also give details for how long it has chartered and or hired the vessels for and at what cost? 

3…Has any group and or individual and or neighbourhood approached the council about the possibility of staging street parties and or other kinds of celebrations during the Diamond Jubilee weekend.  If the answer is yes can you please state how many approaches the council has had.   Can you also state what form these planned celebrations are taking? 

4…Can the council please provide copies of all  forms and or documentation and or similar which will have to be completed by anyone hoping to stage a street party and or similar celebration for The Diamond Jubilee.  Can you also provide copies of any advisory material the council plans to distribute to these individuals and groups. 

5…Will residents and groups planning to stage these type of events be expected to make any payment to the council;   Can you please provide full details of any costs involved ?  Can you please explain what these costs cover?


Thank you for your FOI regarding the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Please see response below.

1….We have had one invitation from Essex County Council to the Mayor elect to attend celebrations on 3rd June on board “S B Hydrogen”.

2…Brentwood Borough Council have not chartered or hired any vessels.

3…Brentwood Borough Council launched the Brentwood Share Fund in January which was to encourage local residents and community groups to come forward with initiatives to promote quality of life in Brentwood. From this funding £6,610 was allocated to the following groups to support celebration events for the Queen’s Jubilee;
Doddinghurst Parish Council – whole village celebration using Parish Hall and Village green
West Horndon Diamond Jubilee Committee – whole village celebration in and around the village hall
Ingrave and Herongate Flower Show` - whole village celebration party and picnic
Great Warley Conservation Society – games competitions and amusements in the Warley area
Navestock P.C.C. – village festival to celebrate Diamond Jubilee
Pilgrims Hatch Environmental Partnership - Seniors Jubilee Party
Royal Naval Association – Garden party themes event involving cadets and ex naval personnel

There is a further sum of £5,390 available for residents and community groups to apply for funding of up to £200 to support celebrations for the Diamond Jubilee.

The Council is also organising a Strawberry Jubilee event on the 2nd June which will involve local entertainment and encourage residents to come along with picnics, together with stalls selling local produce.

4…The Council has produced a guide to support residents delivering community events. This is attached. It has been sent to all the local parish Councils and it is available on the Council’s website.

5…The Council has set aside £12,000 to support those that want to hold street parties from its 2012/13 budget a proportion of which has been allocated to those groups indicated above, with £5,390 remaining. The Borough Council is not the Highways Authority that is Essex County Council, they would make any decisions around road closures and potential costs for these.