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FOI 3172



Under the freedom of Information Act, can you please provide me with the following information:

1.  Ingatestone CCTV = In 2011 how many times did the Police view tapes or visit office

2.  How many times did the CCTV operators phone Police with regards sighting anything that may have been of concern.

3. Ingatestone CCTV - what annual costs are paid out with regards connection from Ingatestone to Brentwood and who are these paid to?


There were nine requests from Police for video evidence during 2011.

There were five notifications of crime to Police from CCTV operators during 2011.

There were twenty four requests from Police to CCTV operators regarding incidents in area covered during 2011.

The cost of transmission between Ingatestone and Brentwood is £3,895.96 and is paid to British Telecom by Brentwood Borough Council and then charged to Ingatestone parish. Maintenance of cameras and monitoring is provided by Brentwood Borough Council at no charge to Ingatestone parish.
VAT is added at £779.23 at last invoice.