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FOI 3171



The BBC Religion and Ethics Department is carrying out research on burial space across the country for a series of local radio programmes.
I'd be extremely grateful if you could help by answering a few quick questions:

1) Is there a shortage of burial space in your area?
2) If so, what provisions are currently in place to deal with it?
3) How many years do you think it will be before you run out of burial
4) Is there a shortage of burial space set aside for other faiths?
5) If so, what's being done about it?



Thank you for your Freedom of Information request (ref 3171) pertaining to public burial provision in Brentwood, this has been passed to me for a reply as the responsible Officer for this service area. For ease I have listed my answers to your questions as they appear in your request.

1. There is adequate provision of burial ground in the Borough of Brentwood to accommodate current demand with two active cemeteries currently accepting burials and several private churchyards and private commercial facilities outside of the Councils operational control.
2. Although there is no immediate need for it two areas of land have been highlighted for extensions to the Council’s own cemeteries. These are currently designated open recreational spaces and will be bought on line as burial grounds as and when they are required.
3. Excluding the two areas designated for cemetery extension it is estimated that there is sufficient capacity to provide burial facilities for a further 30 years using existing facilities.
4. There is no shortage of burial space for any faith within the Borough.
5. N/A