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FOI 3141

Car parks in Ingatestone


We write to request under the Freedom of Information Act, both the projected expenditure and the historic expenditure for the past 5-years
for the car parks in Market Place, Ingatestone and Bell Mead,Ingatestone.


It is not possible to show a year on year breakdown for this car park as surface car park expenditure has one code within a cost centre that is adjusted for works. There is a budget set every year for on going maintenance for surface car parks and this has remained static at £15,000 for many years. The number of car parks that this has to cover totals 10 of which, two are Season ticket holders only car parks. all maintenance is carried out on a as and when basis when any defects are reported back from our inspections. If we are going to break the budget down per car park as you can see it allows for expenditure of £1,500 per car park per financial year. The reality is that depending on need this will vary year on year. there are no programmed schedule of works or rolling maintenance programs that apply for these areas, other than the litter picking and in bad weather gritting. The toilet cleaning falls to ECC and the Warley depot arranges this service on their behalf. I hope this helps with your enquiry.