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FOI 3133

Child Protection


In the children act 1989 section 47 where the local authority has a statutory to investigate any significant harm to child/children. After the local authority has done their initial assessment the local authority investigation, warrants a child protection conference with a multi-agency team.

The child protection conferences are only to be used to see whether the local authority needs to go for;

1. To see whether to go for any protection orders

2. To see whether to go for assessment orders

3. To see whether to go for supervision orders

4. To see whether they are children in need

After a lot of complaints I have heard from all over the country I am asking to clarify the following;

Ø Why does the local authority use a child protection register to supervise and assess families without any court orders?

Ø Can your local authority specify in the children act 1989 where it is required the local authority is to use a child protection register?

Ø Can you give me in twelve months how many of the following 3 orders where sought after the conference held?

Ø How many children were found they were children in need?

Ø How many where placed on the child protection register with a breakdown of their ethnic origin?

Ø Does the local authority use the child protection register as an alternative means to enter the family home because the local authority have not got efficient evidence to obtain any of the three orders listed above?

There are so many have reported that their case worker calls or threaten child protection conference if they do not comply with the local authority demands or on the flimsiest situations. Here are some examples.

1. Reporting abuse

2. Taking child/children to doctors as it becomes obsessive behaviour

3. Asking for help

4. Future emotional abuse with no evidence

5. The past

6. The parent/s where in care themselves

7. Parent shows concerns

8. Not signing working agreement

9. If you don’t agree with us we call a conference and put on the register

The conferences are only to be used for serious cases where a child/children is at potential risk or significant harm.

Ø What does your local authority class as significant and potential harm to child/children?

Ø When parent/s disagrees with local authority does the local authority give authority to the case worker to use child protection conferences as a threat to parent/s to make them comply with the local authority demands?

Ø Why does the local authority call child protection conferences on the flimsiest evidence?

Ø Does local authority consider threats with child protection conference in way of means to getting to parents to comply is abuse of powers, bullying behaviour and very stressful and intimidating towards parent/s

Ø Why the local authority uses these techniques?

When the conference is held reports have to be submitted into the conference all signed and dated. There are many reports in the conferences that the case workers reports are all inaccurate, there is a serious misrepresented of the facts and fraudulent evidence. I also heard reports where the chair has allowed having a meeting within the conference just to bully the parent/s with the relevant professionals. Parents have not had their say or in put in the conferences.

Ø What is the statutory duty of the local authority to ensure all reports are accurate and correct when submitting reports?

Ø How vigilant is local authority on writing factual reports what are the measures are in place to ensure all facts are correct?

Ø Is holding a meeting with professionals within the conference is permitted and acceptable with the local authority?

Ø Does the local authority inform the parents that submitting their own reports is permitted?

Ø Where does it specify that working agreements between parent/s and the local authority is admissible?

Ø Are verbal reports admissible does all report have to be signed and dated?

Ø What is the legal time limited that all reports including professional reports have to be submitted to the chair ready for the conference?

Ø Is it acceptable to given reports to parent/s just as they going into the conference not giving time to read them?

Ø What is the local authority duty when a parent/s states the reports submitted to the conference is not accurate?

Many often report where the authority abuse their power go over their jurisdiction uses the child protection conference and register for the local authority own agenda. There have been numerous reports why does the local authority decide to behave in a unprofessional manner:

Ø Refusing representation/support for parents within meetings?

Ø Putting children on child protection conferences without a meeting/assessment involving the parents?

Ø Changing meeting times/dates/venues without informing parents?

Ø Disallowing one parent with Parental Rights with no follow up meeting for them?

Ø Refusing to send Chid Protection conference minutes to parents with Parental rights?

Ø Chair deciding category despite disagreement of other professional?


I can advise you that the information you require is held by Essex County Council and not Brentwood Borough Council.